About Us

Heritage Clothing was founded as an answer to a calling. We are two brothers who lead at a small church as the Youth Leader and Worship Leader. We've always had this passion for the souls. When we had the opportunity to serve at a youth camp as the worship band, we loved seeing all those young believers and non-believers singing at the top of their lungs praising and surrendering to Jesus. Also, when we got our first opportunity to lead worship at a funeral of one of those young believers, and saw the burden in the hearts of the families affected, that's when we realized this is where we're supposed to be. This is our calling, to be for the church 24/7, and we knew with a 9-5 job we wouldn't be able to do it. We want to be there for everybody who needs us. That's when we thought of using our talent as professional Graphic Designers and our passion for Jesus and mix them up to bring HOPE through clothing — Heritage Clothing.

We are always thinking of ways to encourage your lives. We know life can be tough sometimes, and sometimes you are at the top of the world. So when we think of a design, we want this to be as a statement, a shouting declaration you make and live. When times are tough, we want you to look down at your clothing and remember God's promise for you.